• Rising Stars Webshow Audition Rules

    Lately you guys have been wanting to audition for the Rising Stars Webshow. Here are the requirements:

    » Music needs to be your passion, not just a side hobby.

    » You don’t need to have a million hits, or even hundreds of thousands of hits. You don’t have to be a Rising Star right now. Just the potential to be one!

    You need to have social media. You must have a YouTube account with at least 5 videos. Even if each video only have 50 views, as long as you have those 5 videos, you qualify. :)

    Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, MySpace… whatever pages you have, please send links to each one.

    You need to be between the ages of 10-25. We might make an exception if you realllllyyyyy want to be a rising star, though.

    Email your audition to risingstarswebshow@yahoo.com. If you’re under 18, ask a parent’s permission before auditioning. Do not give any information without your parent’s permission. If you don’t have permission to answer a question, leave it blank.




    State, if you live in the United States:

    How long have you been singing for?

    Why do you want to be on the Rising Stars Webshow?

    What makes you a Rising Star?

    Social Media Links (please provide all):

    Which of your posted videos (covers or original) was your favorite to cover?

    Which of your posted videos (covers or original) do you think is your best?

    Do you play any instruments?

    Do you want to email, phone, Skype, or do an in-person interview?

    ^^ This is subject to change at any time. If you have already auditioned, we will let you know if we need this information. No need to audition again. Once you’re accepted, you’re in. Once a Rising Stars Webshow Artist, always a Rising Stars Webshow Artist. :)